Saturday, 24 September 2016

The Green Hornet - Invasion from Outerspace (1967)

The Green Hornet, episode 25....

Can't get any sharper images than these at the moment but hopefully you can still see that those are the Way... Way Out space suits and helmets.


Road to Hong Kong (1962) Lobby card

We've done this film already but I'm having a bit of a Bob Hope thing this evening so lets post a new image for The Road To Hong Kong, in which Bob (and Bing) can be seen wearing a suit that's possibly original to them but which goes on the pop up in the following few years in at least a couple of other films


The Bob Hope Show (1971)

Bob Hope in the "Planet of the Shapes" skit from The Bob Hope Show Season 22, Episode  1, Aired September 1971

And of course that is the Way.. Way Out space suit


Chrysler Presents a Bob Hope Comedy Special (1965)

An original NBC TV network promo photo from 1965 for Chrysler Presents A Bob Hope Comedy Special.

Bob is of course wearing the Men in Space suit and helmet.


Saturday, 17 September 2016

Blake's 7: Traitor (1981)

That's Forbus from the Blake's 7 episode; Traitor.  He's wearing one of those nifty RAF ventilation suits, that are sometimes a spacesuit, sometimes a Cyberman and sometime nice to dress pop stars in to make a video more interesting.  I think Forbus is one of those crippled evil genius types, so here its being part life-support... which is new.
I quite liked Blake's 7 the first time around although it does get a little painful by the forth season which might be why I don't remember too much about this one or feel particularly inclined to sit through it again.


Doctor Who: The Wheel in Space (1968) - A Gallery

We've been here before of course but that was before I was pointed in the direction of episode 6, one of the two surviving episodes of this second Doctor and the Cybermen, six part story from 1968.  And the reason to explore episode 6 in greater detail is that, as you will see, it reveals that the BBC actual used three Windak suits and not just two as originally blogged.  It is my belief that these were the same suits as featured the film; First Men in the Moon in 1964, and again in Doctor Who: The Tenth Planet, the first Doctor's last story and the Cyberman's first, in 1966.  I would make a fairly safe bet that between their appearance here in The  Wheel in Space and then guesting in Star Wars IV in 1977, they did feature in other sci-fi shows and films as well.  As of yet I've no idea what that might be but if anyone has caught a glimpse in an episode of Out of the Unknown or Doom Watch, etc, I would love to hear about it. Until then enjoy the images.

Thanks to Philip Ayres for telling me where to find these.  You are a star, sir.